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Design approach

Our design approach is very simple, we wanted Peek to be an experience that is more aligned with what we need and want on the go instead of our needs and wants being dictated by technology. The design is guided by four core values. These values are derived from the demands and aspirations of the user and are used to define the Peek calendar experience.

Only the detail you need

Peek is about cutting away the overwhelming features of mobile calendars. It redefines an on the go experience for people to use when they need it, so that they are not consumed by its entirety and benefit from its existence.

Peek is not just a minimalist and simple app, it is designed to be the right resolution for the context it is being used in. It is made to provide the necessary information in an easy to understand manner, without overwhelming you with data you might not need.


functionality as you need it

We wanted Peek to be quick and simple to use. We believe the experience would be more desirable when we give people what they need not everything we can provide. Peek is not trying give too much to the user, instead it manages the complexity by layering the information so people get what they need more quickly and easily.

It can be used for taking a glimpse into your day, or could be your on-the-go tool for performing time management when needed.

Content focused

We believe interfaces can be more about the content. It is the content that shapes the interface components. These components have behaviour and work together to create an environment where users experience the product.

Focusing on the content makes the conventional navigational elements less visible and using gestural control allows the design to be cleaner, quieter and more ambient. This can actually speed up the process of using calendar.


Natural and playful

Instead of using the conventional navigational elements, Peek introduces new behaviors and natural interactions that are more fun and intuitive to use.

There is an element of play in Peek. We believe that fun does not have to be less functional. Life can be busy and sometimes stressful, why not manage it in a slightly more playful way. Peek is designed to offer a fluid, fast and fun way to get a glimpse at your daily schedule.

Share your thoughts

Peek is an unconventional interface that aims to take the iOS user interface paradigm to the next level. The design of Peek is led by ex- DEO and Google, Amid Moradganjeh Our goal is to constantly improve the experience for the next versions. We would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and feedback; feel free to drop us a line at: