Created for people

our journey

How we started

It all started with one question: “ What do people really value when it comes to managing time on the go?” We knew there are better ways to manage time on our mobile devices, so we set out to create an alternative option that could bring new values to peoples everyday lives.


Talking to people

We went out and talked to people in order to better understand what they value most. We learned that there is a bigger group of people that simply need to manage time on the go without being overloaded by unnecessary information and features.


Creating new options

We wanted to build the calendar experience from the ground up by challenging assumptions about how calendar works and redesigning it for a world on the go, instead of using the conventional navigational elements. A variety of different ideas were explored in this project, testing the limits of what mobile interaction means.


Human mental model

People don't perceive time in the form of table views and pages. We explored a model in which calendar is a unified timeline with focus on the near future. We also learned that people do not need to be presented with all the information at once, so we focused on finding a more proper resolution without sacrificing the depth of the experience.


Peek's life events

Technology has enabled us to get more things done in an efficient way than ever. This sounds great except that it means that we are having less and less time for ourselves. We wanted technology to come in and help us appreciate life as well so we introduced life events in Peek!

The story of Peek

Peek wants to add a human touch on calendar experience. That is more than just aesthetics, it is about understanding the needs of people and finding the right way to present them with information so they can use calendar when they need it, but not be consumed by its entirety.


Who designed Peek?

We believe that technology can be more human. For us, innovation starts from people and is design driven. We collaborate with each other to create new options and we always ask ourselves whether these options bring value to people’s lives. Peek is designed by ex- DEO and Google, Amid Moradganjeh and developed by Patryk Żółtowski . If you want to talk to us drop us a line at